Rhion Romany Bridal

Here Comes Risqué Refinement

Introducing Rhion Romany Bridal

Many young girls have vivid fantasies about their wedding day. They have envisaged every conceivable facet. They have spent countless hours allowing their minds to jaunt to the farthest realms of reality and beyond as they indulge in every fancy that would make their momentous day indelible.They may not have found their life partner yet, but that’s a minor detail. Indeed, it’s the dress that commands the most eminence in this reverie. On this day, they envision themselves as the epitome of glamour and grandeur. They envisage the photographs that will hang on the walls for years to come as a magnificent memory of them at their most beguiling. Rhion Romany has helped to add some verisimilitude to this fantasy for many brides and is now ready to help others realize their dreams.

Having revolutionised the swimwear and costume industries, Rhion has found yet another outlet for his infinite ingenuity. It’s not one that he foresaw, but as they say nothing happens by chance. His swimwear line had a natural evolution to resort wear and his ability to create pieces that were perfect embellishments for his clients did not go unnoticed. His clientele began to expand exponentially as more people became enamoured with his exquisite fabric choices and styles that impeccably accentuate the modern Caribbean woman’s lifestyle. These designs caught the eye of one particular bride-to-be who entrusted Rhion with the task of creating her reception dress.Though a bit intimidated, Rhion, never one to back down from a challenge, poured his heart and soul into creating a dress that made the bride feel even more ravishing than her ceremony dress. There was no turning back, Rhion heard the clarion call and heeded it.Thus, Rhion Romany Bridal was born.

Rhion saw a gap in the market for the non-traditional bride who is contemporary and spirited while still sophisticated. He relished the opportunity to be able to gratify the bride who embodies elegance but craves a breathtaking sui generis piece to captivate her love and those celebrating their special day. This is a testament to Rhion’s edgy, modern, Caribbean design aesthetic. He brings a fresh perspective to the bridal category with what he has coined “risqué refinement”. While it may sound like an oxymoron, it is essentially a mélange of tradition and couture that makes a statement. Wearing a Rhion Romany Bridal piece on your big day is more than wearing a beautiful dress. It’s about claiming your power as a woman and daring to enter this new phase of life as your fiercest, most alluring self.

Rhion takes his responsibility seriously, as one of his most treasured aspects of creating bridal designs is being the catalyst for the metamorphosis that leaves brides beaming and even in tears. He recalls the story of a distraught bride-to-be who was mourning the death of her father being moved to tears of joy on seeing how beautiful she looked in her Rhion Romany dress. Even though the moment was tinged with sadness, Rhion was thrilled to be able to offer some light in the midst of darkness. He explains, “Just knowing that I made her feel better after feeling so low meant everything to me and I want each and every woman to feel that way when they come to me.”

Rhion gives ardent attention to his brides, pouring passion into every aspect of the process and ensuring that even though they may be egressing their comfort zone, the experience is exhilarating and enriching. As he continues to thrive and revel in his own metamorphosis, Rhion is immensely proud of this new chapter. The zenith of his career thus far, Rhion Romay bridal is here.

Photography: Julie Charlett, Videography: Aaron Alexis | AlexCo Films
Makeup: Arry Cruickshank, Hair: Kimbalene Blake

Rhion Romany Bridal