Rhion Romany

The Designer


Fashion resides freely within Rhion Romany

For nearly 15 years, Rhion Romany has been accentuating the tapestry of the local fashion industry in Trinidad and Tobago with his breath-taking designs.

From small beginnings, his brand has flourished into one of the most recognised Trinidadian fashion brands that is making a huge impact globally and he is fully on his way to claiming his spot as one of Trinidad and Tobago’s timeless fashion icons.

Inspired by the Caribbean climate, Rhion has developed an aesthetic that the modern Caribbean woman craves. His designs are edgy, sexy, bold and the perfect complement to the Trinidadian social lifestyle. His productions draw real- time references from the spaces that he occupies, and he takes pride in the progress of his generation that continues to keep fashion trends unique, relatable and current.

Rhion’s point of view and impeccable taste levels remain have remained highly consistent over the years. He is a man who continues to design unapologetically, appreciate body construction and encourage his clients to reclaim and celebrate their form. There is a distinct air of elegance and richness embodied in Rhion’s design taste, and one can always expect progressive pieces that wholly reject tameness and sameness.

For Rhion, design inspiration is easily motivated by the evolution of the Trinidadian social lifestyle.

In 2019, Rhion Romany celebrated his 6th year of designing with the launch of his resort collection 6. This collection was a testament of his evolution. Beyond his aesthetic transformation, the brand has also grown to include Rhion Romany Bodywear, Rhion Romany Resort, Rhion Romany Carnival, Rhion Romany Bridal and Rhion Romany Menswear, with bridal holding a special place in his heart. He continues to push the boundaries as he expands into different areas and sees great success. He now designs costumes for both TRIBE and ROGUE in Trinidad, Xaymaca for Jamaica, XUVO for St. Lucia among others.

The young designer has also amassed a sizeable fan base, as well as glowing praises from his peers in the industry. To date, his designs have been worn by everyone from America’s Next Top Model’s Bianca Golden to the stage dancers for award-winning Soca sensation Machel Montano and most recently on celebrity model, Nazanin Mandi. His creations have graced the runway for audiences such as CreativeTT’s “Masquerade” event in honour of Vogue Italia, HOT Couture in St. Lucia Jazz, Arts Festival and other runway shows in Toronto, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago.

As he grows from strength to strength, he continues to empower his clientele with the wardrobe to always be bold, sophisticated, timeless and ready to take on the world.