Carnival 2021

Titanium Aura

A new vibe, for a new time.

As creatives, our imaginations don’t stop because there is a pandemic. We still have the innate desire to create. It is my wish to keep the magic alive even when many have lost hope. I present to you Titanium Aura, more than a costume design but an expression of my deepest emotions during these unprecedented times.

I know that for many my designs are way more than something to wear. It is a moment to transform into the version of yourself you picture in your wildest dreams.

I do not take my role in this fantasy lightly and could not let a year go by without giving you something to keep you going ‘til we touch the road again.

This is my ode to the bacchanalia that gives us life altering energy, to the celebration of a rich tradition and to innovative spirit that keeps it going.

This is my salute to you the masquerader.

May you have moments that make you feel even a fraction of the magic of being on the stage.