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Rhion Romany: 6

6 years ago, a story began.

Its genesis was the desire to live life to its fullest potential and an unrelenting yearning to create.

Passion was an impetus that refused to be ignored. Beauty was a muse that aroused the creative beast that lay within.

From that first taste, the beast craved more and sought out inspiration to satiate its appetite.

And now, we celebrate 6 years of heeding the call and leading a battalion of royals into battle.

The call has taken us to many places as we find inspiration from the mundane to the magnificent and everything in between.

Now the beast is stirring once again, as we prepare to unveil the next chapter.

An enchanting saga inspired by one of the most scintillating and sultry locales on earth.


6 is Here.


Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad

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