Monday Wear

The 2024 Collection

They waited. And then they waited some more. The wait is finally over and it is time to satiate the insatiable.

Each day holds its own connection.. its own affair, but for people like us, there’s something special about that Monday …

Your Monday Wear is Here.

I am Rhion …
Welcome to my world.

My world is a space where aesthetes revel in all their glory, and as they thrive, they inspire others to attain new heights of fabulosity.

Here, it is my absolute pleasure to serve all who aspire to an elevated style status regardless of what you look like, where you come from, or who you know. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and sexy in a Rhion Romany piece.

For over 10 years, I have been inspired by the beauty that surrounds me in the Caribbean and have relentlessly pushed a signature design point of view, which has become my calling card.

I’m proud to have made my mark from runaways to the road.
I continue to be motivated by you, my ЯRoyals, and seeing you all serve in your Rhion Romany pieces.

Keep doing the damn thing!
Happy shopping!

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"PRETTY GANG" Monokini
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